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TheWebGorillas is not an agency; 

Copywriting, from the draft to publish-ready, is everything; it is the foundation of every outstanding website through to the cornerstone of everything else digital marketing can do. I am obsessed with great copy.

Independent to Organizer – Diesel C

Diesel C has been working as a digital nomad long before the term was coined. He worked in print media and took those skills with him while he threw himself deep into the change to digital, working with agencies to learn the ropes enough to where he could teach himself. He has 10 years of experience in digital and 10 years of print, event and alternative media and publishing experience behind that.

Diesel C can be contracted independently or organize and manage a team of any size for niche/specialized projects from his personal network of professionals and specialists grown over 20 years working in industry.

Digital Marketing Experts;

  • Certified & qualified Google Ads managers to increase your ecommerce sales
  • Insightful SEO experts (10 years of experience and over 10,000 projects from small to enterprise) to increase your site visibility and visitor numbers
  • Network of specialist, deeply knowledgeable copywriters
  • We are customer devoted

Diesel C – Writing Niches

  • Fintech and related technologies, news, apps and issues
  • Weight training, calisthenics, diet and nutrition for mature age male fitness
  • Website design, Google best practices, WordPress
  • Travel stories and guides
  • Digital marketing – everything


SEO is not dead, it is just a lot harder than it used to be. From onsite optimization, link building and even local by local search ranking optimization is something we love. We will drive more customers to your site. Our fees are based on delivering those amazing results.

Google Ads Search, Display, Video & Shopping

From Google and Facebook Ads management, amazing advert copy to copywriting and boosting your website with the latest in SEO/SEM practices, including a full range of digital marketing services, we have a proven track record of success. Not just qualifications, experience drives our results. Our fees are based on how much we increase your sales.

Social Media Marketing

The only way you can understand the intensity and the changing pace of social media marketing is to be a part of it. Members of our collaborative who do social, live on social and will give your project the same dedication.

Content Marketing

When did everything suddenly become about content marketing? What is content marketing? Content marketing is sharing information that inspires and impresses an audience. It is created by those who are experts in their fields. That is the only way you can create great content. We don’t have people who are content writers on our team. We only have those who can produce content related to what they know.

Google Certifications

Current Google certifications you can verify here.


Consultation Fee

There is no charge or fee to get to know you and your project. Simply get in touch.


Standard Terms

Common payment structures, whether hiring independently or as a team:

  • Hourly rates
  • Per project flat fees
  • Monthly retainers for ongoing services (reduced client cost)
  • Monthly retainers with incentives and rewards (specified targets)

Training Services

It’s understandable that you may want to know what is behind a suggestion. There is only so much explaining that can be allowed before the time consumed makes a project unviable.

If you would like Google Ads or other digital marketing training, such as SEO or content marketing, anything, please talk to Diesel C about arranging fast-track classes that give you the information you need while saving you from what you don’t.

About Your Objectives

Honesty is the best policy. Please be upfront about your goals, your desired timeframe and your cash-ready budget.


We don’t believe in harassing anyone for business or wasting anyone’s time including our own.

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