Digital Marketing Defined

What do you expect from a digital marketing provider? Let’s get something very clear. It is a whole lot more than marketing, and marketing isn’t really what you are looking for. You want something else.

Google Ads Manager vs Google Ads Sales

I find it very interesting when someone says to me they are looking for someone to manage their Google Ads account. When I ask what they are really looking for, I always get the same answer. They are looking for someone who can increase their website conversions, increase sales. They are not looking for someone to manage their Google Ads account, they are looking for someone or some company that can take over their Google Ads account for them and drive sales. Any client contracting a “Google Ads Manager” won’t keep them for long if they are not increasing sales. That is a simple fact.

Search Engine Sales

The same theme runs true with industry terminology. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is not merely about marketing, it is really about driving sales. SEM is another way to say paid advertising on search engines, namely Google because the rest don’t really count.

Expected of Digital Marketers

I also don’t know of any digital marketing provider that is contracted to simply market a client’s business. Digital marketing providers are contracted to increase client revenues. It’s the same story again.

Digital marketing is actually digital sales. Digital marketers are contracted to deliver results, and those results are increased sales.